Beholding Beauty-MN Collection

01.Your skin is like flowers.

Water her.

Boost your skin absorption

before applying any skincare products.

Whitening & Moisturizing
Rose of Castile Floral Water

Give some love to your skin.

For Dry & Mature Skin.

Premium Organic
Rose Otto Floral Water

Must-have-item in ladies' bag.

For Dry & Mature Skin.

Be a Sleep Beauty
Lavender Floral Water

Enhance your beauty sleep  and life with this refreshing goodie.

02.Power from Mother Nature.

With no artificial colorants or fragrances, natural oil can be applied alone or used with daily skin care products and are suitable for face, body and hair.

Apply after floral water for better result.

Organic Argan Oil

Face,Body,Hair and Nail, All in ! 

For All Skin type.

Nurturing Organic
Sweet Almond Oil

Soft and comfort.

For All Skin Type.

Anti-Wrinkle & Healing
Jojoba Oil

Skin & Hair Healer and Moisturiser, reduces wrinkles and sign of aging.

For All Skin type.

$210/ 50ml/ Argentina

Coming Soon
Purifying Organic
Black Cumin Oil

Well-known for purifying skin and prevent hair loss, considered as a universal panacea since the time of Ancient Arabia.


Ancient wisdom among ladies in Middle East, for growing long and beautiful eye-lash, eyebrow. Good for nail care too.

$80/ 30g/ India  

Coming Soon

03.Those goodie that make your beauty easier.

A workman must sharpen his tools if he wants to do his work well, so do we.

Bye Bye Rocki-Skin!
Natural Exfoliating Stone

For Mature Skin area.

Body use only.

Dry after use.

$80/ pc

Coming Soon
Save your soap
Wooden Soap Dish

Suitable for Aleppo Soap and other types of soap, fasten drying after use.

** Redeem Only**

Softer than Cotton
Natural Sea Sponge

Harvested from deep sea.

For Normal & Sensitive Skin.

Bath and Face cleaning.

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